Ferris Legal LLC Branding

Having just left his partnership at a local firm to start a private practice, Kimball Ferris reached out to me to work with him on developing a logo, brand, and website for Ferris Legal LLC. The goal was to portray a calming and resilient traditional tone to both existing and potential clients. 

Logo Design

Keeping consistency with traditional logos in the legal world, I focused on brainstorming lettermark designs in my exploration phase. I was especially interested in finding dynamic and creative ways to incorporate the typography within itself.

Two versions were presented to the client— one with a central F surrounded by the abstracted “L LLC” to create a "Legal, LLC" acronym. The other overlaps the primary F and a backwards L in a stained glass style. The resulting logotype forms a rectangle. The selected logo uses the stained glass shape with a more traditional typeface accompaniment.

Website Design

The kimballferrislegal.com website incorporates the brand colors and typography with some complimentary brass tones as a stabilizer for the eye. The symbolism in the imagery is particularly important to show optimism and creativity. 

Web Design